Sustainable Future?


Alyse Cleaver

2/10/20232 min read

white and blue solar panels
white and blue solar panels

How will Australia make the move to becoming more sustainable?

How does Australia plan to be more environmentally sustainable in 2023?????

The plan is called the "2023 Environment Plan", and it outlines the steps that the government will take to support sustainability.

The plan includes setting up a new agency, called "Greening Australia", which will focus on restoring native vegetation across Australia. The agency will also focus on educating people about sustainability.The federal government has also announced plans to create new laws and regulations for businesses and individuals who want to be more environmentally friendly. They hope this will encourage more people to practice sustainability in their daily lives, which will help make Australia more sustainable overall.

The Australian government is trying to be more environmentally sustainable in 2023 by focusing on these main areas:

  1. Reduce the amount of food waste and unwanted packaging

  1. Banning single-use plastic bags by 2025

  1. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture

  2. Reducing carbon emissions by 50% by 2030

  3. Expand solar power use

  4. Increasing recycling rates from 15% to 90% by 2025

The first step is to reduce food waste. By 2023, the government wants to reduce it by 50%.

They are doing this by creating a national food waste reduction strategy that will help businesses and households reduce their waste.

The second step is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture. They want to cut these emissions by 70% between 2015 and 2030. They plan on achieving this goal by investing in new technologies and better management practices for farms across Australia. The third step is expanding solar power use in Australia's capital cities as well as rural areas outside cities where there are no other sources of energy. They have created an initiative called Solar Cities 2020 which will help communities install solar panels at homes or businesses so they can get more energy from renewable sources instead of fossil fuels like coal or oil which produce greenhouse gases when burned.

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white and blue plastic tool
white and blue plastic tool
red yellow and green trash bins
red yellow and green trash bins

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